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Longstreets Charge

I loved this ride. Several reasons. A very friendly ride in a pretty and 
interesting area. Run well. Well marked. Very relaxed. Tough trail.
    Actually, the steep beginning leg and finishing leg helped my horse and I 
to finish well. It slowed all the other racers down so that we could keep up. 
The steep trails are very much like where I ride on a regular basis. Spend 
alot of time picking our way through big rocks up steep trails here in 
western NC. Three of us ended up racing the last 100yds to the finish for 
10th place. I started behind in this last dash and was able to pick off 1 
rider and we were gaining on the first horse but she won by a length. Would 
have been our first Top Ten. There was plenty of satisfaction being that 
close though. Was the first heavyweight and the first "grade" horse too! 
      My horse has come a long way over the last year. First 50 attempt was 
last May at Liberty. Pulled at 40. 2d 50 at Carolina at Thanksgiving. 11Hrs & 
35mins (whew, close one). 3d 50, 2 weeks ago at Biltmore. 45th place with 
total time 8Hrs & 41 mins. And now 11th. We're moving up. Time was actually 
longer...9hrs & 30 mins but that was due to the trail steepness and 
rockiness. Very proud of that grade horse from the local rent a horse resort.

Thanks to June and Angie for a good ride. Worth doing if nothing more then 
the interesting trails with the old mines, views and the Civil War history.

Ed Roley
western NC

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