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Drug Traces

Heidi said:

> Well, not to jump into the fray again, but are you routinely
> bute with the vaccinations, and if so, why?  If you have a horse who is
> reacting to the vaccinations, have you considered switching brands or
> them individually rather than giving bute?  Have you considered changing
> injection sites (depending on where they are being administered now)?
> you considered that if the horse is reacting to the vaccine, he also has
> immune complexes in his circulation that could have metabolic
> and that the bute does nothing to prevent that?  I am puzzled here.
Sorry, Heidi, but it seems to me that you're just dodging the
*REAL* question.  I am puzzled, too.  Why is this simple desire
for information so difficult to comprehend?  Would it hurt
so badly to say "on average, six weeks"? (Or whatever.)

No, instead, I have to be put in the wrong.  It is me who is
mismanaging my horse.  This tendancy to try to put people in the
wrong who raise these questions is the reason so much bad
feeling gets generated during these discussions.

I refuse to be maneuvered into a position where the implication
is being made that I am doing something wrong because I
give three bute tablets to my horse.  That makes as much
sense as calling somebody who takes three codeines after
a tetanus shot a druggie.

If AERC's position is the same as yours (not clear, I
understand that you are speaking for yourself), then AERC's
position is completely unreasonable.

At the recent ECTRA conference, one of the veterinarians involved
with the sport gave a lecture on prohibited substances and the
length of time current research shows it takes for them to
clear the system.  I believe she managed to do it without
violating her sense of personal ethics.  Unfortunately, there
was no handout with the lecture and I don't think the information
has been made otherwise available.

Well, I've made my effort to understand both sides.  It
doesn't seem to have been matched.

Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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