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Re: RC: To achieve a pharmacolgic effect

In a message dated 5/13/99 8:19:04 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< The list of impermissable substances posted on includes:
 "nutrient substances administered in doses to achive a pharmacologic effect
 (DMSO, DMG, yucca and MSM)"
 So, if a rider is supplementing biotin, and the biotin mix includes some
 yucca, does that constitute a 'nutrient (yucca) administered in doses to
 achieve a pharmocoligic effect?'
 We seem to have a disconnect here between "to achieve a pharmacologic
 effect" and the trace evidence that can be detected in current drug
 testing.  I realize that it is not possible to predict how long a substance
 will remain in the body of a particular horse, but could we not define the
 levels that constitute a "a pharmacologic effect?"
 Again, the intent here is not to try to get away with anything or to
 compete a horse that is still recovering from an illness or injury.  Just
 don't want to end up in violation of drugs restrictions because my horse
 was sedated to have his teeth floated or because I used the wrong biotin
 Cindy Eyler >>

That's the problem in a nutshell. Any substance, including water, has a 
"pharmacological" effect, depending on the dose. That is, inducing a 
physiological change that affects performance, for good or for bad (in 
horseracing, sometimes a "bad" result is desirable for trifecta betting 
purposes--as in the "spongeing" episodes in Kentucky). 

What the rules are saying, in essence, is that any nutrient (or drug) that 
demonstrates an actual benefit for the horse is forbidden. This type of rule 
has been found wanting in most parimutuel racing jurisdictions--too inclusive 
and unenforcible. Instead, the actual substances forbidden should be listed, 
and tested for. 


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