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Re: Curiousity Shoeing Question

In Southern Oregon $65 whether keg or special hand made shoes.    More for
pads, full or rim.  Resets are $61.
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From: Trish Grant <>
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Date: Wednesday, May 12, 1999 9:45 AM
Subject: RC: Curiousity Shoeing Question

>Hi Everyone,
>My curious mind wants to know what kind of prices everyone in different
>parts of the world is paying for their standard shoeing.  I here living
>in Northern British Columbia pay $100.00 per set of shoes, nothing
>special, shoes made from scratch, hot shoeing, usually the same price
>for a reset, sometimes $5.00 less and then I pay $30.00 for a trim. My
>farrier in my opinion is the best in this part of the country, some
>farriers in this area, more so ones that have not been shoeing for very
>long can be up to 25.00 cheaper. I stand by  the old theory, no foot, no
>horse, so I may pay more than some, but I truly believe it is money well
>spent. I just thought it would be interesting for all of us to here what
>others are paying around the world.
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