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Re: RC: ARGH!!! Poison Oak - again!

In a message dated 5/9/99 10:36:13 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< Any good suggestions for poison oak? I use topicals, but need to know
 how others have dealt with it.

Hi Linda, I too am extremely allergic to poison oak.  Two things that work 
for me:  First if you know you've been in the stuff wash as soon as you can 
with a liquid soap called Tecnu (most drug stores carry it).  I use cool 
water and use Tecnu generously.  Second, if you do get poison oak, there is a 
spray called HC Dermapax, it is made in Goleta, Ca, and I'm not sure if it is 
widely distributed -- but boy does this stuff work.  Especially if you spray 
it on ASAP when you see the rash starting.  The label says its made by RECSEI 
Laboratories, Goleta, CA  93117.  Maybe you could order directly from them if 
your local drug store doesn't have it.  I've tried everything, including 
prescription meds, and this stuff works the best.  Good luck -- try not to 
scratch!  (hah!)


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