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Re: RC: naked hikers wrote:
> << Yesterday some friend of mine were riding at our
>  local park and came across a naked jogger.  >>
> ...Maybe the newest trend in obstacles at NATRC rides
> could be trotting by a naked hiker.  Frankly, I'm not crazy about seeing alot
> of naked people on the trail.  Most of them would look waaaaaay better with
> their cargo shorts ON!

Hey Sylvia - 

If naked hikers were an NATRC obstacle, what would be the correct
response on encountering such an obstacle? Should we sit forward in the
saddle, sit back, get a better feel on the horses mouth? I would assume
one would loose points for pointing, gawking, and spending too much time
at the obstacle. Complementing the obstacle should be okay, but making
overt passes? Lose a point!

Is NATRC working Robinson Flat at Tevis this year? Keep your eyes open,

  Linda Cowles                       
  Lion Oaks Ranch  
  Gilroy CA

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