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OK Tornado

jeanetta sturgeon
I live in southeastern OK, but have many friends in the tornado stricken area. Everyone I have checked with, did not have any loss or damage.
However, in the "Daily Oklahoman" newspaper yesterday, I read  an article about animals that were injured or likked by the tornado. The Newcastle fire chief stated that one horse was running around crazed because it had had it's eyeballs SUCKED out! It was put down.
One other thing, not related to tornadoes:
THANKS EVERYONE who has sent me their good wishes and prayers.  I have a lot to be thankful for. More surgeries ahead of me still, but I am finally getting better. I hope to travel a little this summer and maybe go to some rides, just to see everyone. Even though I won't be able to ride, it will be nice to be there!
Thanks again and I do appreciate the messages.Jeanetta Sturgeon

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