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Nerve Damage????

Anyone ever had a strange reaction to vaccinations? I just gave all my 5 horses their 4-way vaccine on Tuesday, in the proper place in the neck, withdrew the needle - no blood each time. Done this a zillion times. My 22 year old Arab seems to be having trouble grazing since then. I gave him the shot on the right side of the neck. (NO heat or swelling by the way). He is shaking his head and pawing when he puts his head down, and puts his left leg forward to try to reach the ground. He eats hay FINE from the manger, though, as it`s off the ground. No high temp, but seems "off". Do I wait to see if he imroves, or is a vet call in order? Just wondering if anyone else has had the same reaction.

Thanks for the Help!

Rhonda and one sore old Dude!

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