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I got my No Sweat Vent Pad from Equine Performance Products, Pilot Hill, CA
phone 916-933-5538.  It comes in a square size to fit a Western saddle pad,
then you trim it to fit your particular saddle pad.  The cost is somewhere
around $60-$70 and well worth it IMO.  I've used it on very hot rides on a
horse with thin sensitive skin and he liked it.  The only disadvantage is
that it's slightly stiff when cold.  So,  at cold rides I warm it up before
putting it on my cold backed horse.  My other horse could care less so I
don't warm it for him.
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From: John B.Ayers <>
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Date: Tuesday, May 04, 1999 5:49 AM
Subject: RC: VENT PAD

>I use a No Sweat Vent Pad under my regular fleece pad and like it very
>Keeps the horse's back cooler because all the sweat runs off, leaving the
>fleece pad and saddle DRY and CLEAN.  After a ride just hose it off and
>it to drip dry quickly.
>Where do you get it and how much does it cost?
>John and Meshack
> (Vermont Equestrian Activities)
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