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Building an add-on barn

    Okay.  I got tons of great advice from ridecampers on building a fence
about two months ago, and now I need more.  We have moved the horse into
our pasture (with no-climb wire mesh fencing, wooden posts) and have a
makeshift barn.  There is a pole barn that we were going to build stalls
into.  It's 30 by 40 feet, and my dad decided to build stalls as an add-on,
rather than take up tons of space with stalls, tack room, etc.  We currently
have a 20 by 20 foot space for both horses, and they are living on some
really nice, clean sand and no sawdust.  However, my last final is tomorrow
(THANK YOU, GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and I will be going home, and the barn addition
work will probably commence after Mother's Day.  So, does anyone have any
ideas for a two horse barn addition with cross ties and a tack/feed room?
Any preferences as to building materials, post hold depth (we have clay soil
that contains some rocks), post cementing methods, etc.?  We had a problem
with our old barn because we had dutch doors and they slowly came off the
hinges unless we swept out all the bedding *very* carefully from under the
door.  Thus, my dad doesn't want dutch doors again, but I would really like
something that lets the horses stick their heads outside if they have to be
in the stalls for a vet or farrier, or whatever.  Also, I'm thinking about
having a four foot or so roof overhang, a la Amish barn style.  Does anyone
have any experience with this?  All thoughts, experiences, and ideas are


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