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Re: RC: fly sheets

At 10:19 AM 5/4/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Okay, SE region riders, I need some advice.  I'm thinking about getting a
>flysheet for Lakota to wear when camping out, going to rides, etc. because
>the flies are getting so bad down here.  I like the look & reputation of
>the Royal Riders Textilene flysheets, but I'm concerned that it would be
>too hot for our hot, humid summers.  Can any other swamprats give me an
>experienced opinion on this?  Many thanks!

Hi Glenda:  I'm not in the SE, but I can't imagine there being anything 
else you could use for a fly sheet that would be cooler than one of 
those.  It's not humid here, but it does get above 100 degrees from time to 
time, and often in the 90's and the horse seems to be very comfortable with 
the fly sheet (and hood) on.  It's the same type of fabric as the fly masks 
are made out of so it allows for plenty of airflow.

Happy Trails,

in NV
& Weaver, 2,580 miles
& Rocky, 1,395  :+)

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