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Horse wanted

HI, I'm looking for an endurance prospect for a middleweight rider with
long legs so need a horse with bone and some size.  Would prefer age 5 to
8 and over 14.3.  May be in the Dallas, Tx. area this weekend if anyone
there knows of any horses in that area that might work please email me the
phone numbers.  Right now I can't go farther than a days drive from
Fayetteville, Arkansas but if I don't find a horse by summer I can possibly
go farther to look.  Any suggestions on how to find an endurance prospect
would be appreciated.  I've raised all my own but don't have the mare or
stallion anymore.  Have been looking off and on for the last 3 years for
the right horse.  Am I too picky?  Thanks,  Kathy & Fox "please find her a
horse I'm getting tired of doing all the work"

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