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Re: RC: Hay! How many square bales = a round bale?

Sherman O'Donnell wrote:

> Hi All:  I usually feed each of my horses a round bale of coastal hay every
> month.  This year, because of the weather, we can't find any for sale.  So,
> I will be feeding them square bales for about 8 weeks.  Does anyone know how
> many bales I should plan to buy?

Well - the answers from the East coast will be <really> different from the West
coast.  The Westerners have 3 string/wire bales of near 100 lbs or more.  Here
in the east, a typical 2 string square bale is 40-60 lbs.

We allow 20-25 lbs of hay per horse per day if they are strictly on hay and no
pasture...  More if they'll eat it.  I hope that helps.  Try to buy your square
bales by weight rather than number.  You'll usually get a better deal.

There's a hay market (I can't remember the name) on Highway 200, about 0.25
miles N of I75 - on the left hand side.  You may want to check with them!  The
store was there about a month ago!

Linda Flemmer
Old Ocala Florida native
now living in Bruceton Mills, WV

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