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Re: RC: Yosemite

Pam, great to hear from you,

> Hello Natalie and Richard, this is Pam Netuschil.  Replying to the Yosemite
> thread.  That seems to me to be such a wonderful experience riding and
> camping in Yosemite.  If you have a minute could you tell me when is the best
> time to go, I would imagine during the week would be best.  How do you make
> arrangements etc.  The weather here in Reno has been horrible and I haven't
> been riding as much as I should have.  Horses aren't in the best of shape.  I
> bought a 5 year old and I just hope I live through the next months. Baby
> brains are not fun, I forgot how it is.
> Regards, Pam

Arriving and departing during the week is 'way better than the weekend traffic
going in and out of Yosemite.  Once you get there, it probably doesn't make much
difference.  We found that 99% of the folks who come to the park never get out
on the trails.  And 99% of those who do never go more than about 100 yards away
from the campsite areas.

In other words, most of your riding will be done in peaceful solitude.

I just did some quick checking.  Bridal Veil and Tuolumne camps are closed until
July 16th, waiting for the snow to melt.  Wawona is open now, but I'd be
skeptical about how many of the trails are passable this early.  

The rate for horse camping in each case is $20/night/camp and a camp can
accomodate up to six people with their rigs and horses (heck of a deal!).  The
place to call for reservations is "Biospherics" at 1-800-436-PARK. 

Interestingly, if you go to the NPS Yosemite Park website
( and search for info about these horse camps, you
get a big fat goose egg -- nothing mentioned, nada.  They *claim* they are not
trying to shut horses out, but their behavior is one of benign neglect, at best.

Hope you get to go!  It's worth all the effort of getting there.


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