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Re: RC: Re: Branding - why I did it

>> I hot branded Emily because a hot brand cannot be hidden.  If an animal
>>has a
>> freeze brand all a thief has to do is cover it with the appropriate
>>color of
>> shoe polish and that horse could be through a sale ring or slaughtered
>> anyone would ever notice the brand.  People have covered state EIA
>>brands in
>> that manner.


Before Canadians/Albertans run off and get there horses's NOT
that simple. You can't just design your own brand, you get one from a list
(not all that exciting!) and you apply for it. You can get purchase a
lifetime brand (good idea). But, if you register a right hip brand, another
person can go out and get the same on the LEFT hip, or cheek, etc. Brands
also have to be a certain minimum size.

Registered brands are the ONLY brands that have the weight of the law
behind them. In other words, a horse that is branded that goes to auction
is inspected by the brand inspector and ALL the paper work has to be in
place. So, you're missing a branded horse? Auctions, slaughter houses, etc.
can be notified and there's a big look-see!

Cattle are well protected because the system works--everyone takes part.
Those who don't can easily 'lose' cattle, and heaven help someone who tries
to sell cattle with no brand! Horse owners' haven't figured that out yet.
Even transporting horses in Alberta requires a manifest. Any cop can stop a
horse trailer and if you don't have the paper work, you get grief. So far
it's observed in it's absense. Registration papers carry little
authority...a registered brand is the ultimate protection.

Anything else is merely a distinguishing feature that a brand inspector


Monika, Koko and Ripp (nonono don't brand my white little hide, owch)

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