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Re: Potty Breaks

Ok, I have to share my story about potty breaks.  I was not on the trail but 
at a Saddlebred horse show.  My then 12 year old son was just about to go 
into the ring when he realized he had forgot his hat (a very big deal for a 
12 year old).  I ran back to our camp to get his hat and of course nature 
called loud and clear.  Since I was in a hurry I decided to just use the 
port-a-potty in the van.  I must have hit the stick shift in my rush so just 
about the time my pants were at my ankles the van starts to roll forward in 
the direction of the arena. I am headed for people, horses, etc.  I 
panicked, jumped over the seat and hit the break with my hands.  When the 
dust had cleared I had managed not to hit anybody or thing but I was head 
down in the drivers seat, my hands on the break, my pants at my ankles and 
my bottom side smiling out the drivers window with a curious crowd looking 
on.  I wonder why I decided to give up horse shows and try endurance…..

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