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Grateful volunteer

Returned this evening from the USA East Benefit ride in New Jersey.  I was
a vet recorder at this, my first experience at an endurance ride.

After spending Saturday afternoon/evening (vetting in) and all day Sunday
working with Meg Sleeper, I am very grateful for all that I learned.  Meg
was unfailingly patient with all my questions.  And she was so good-humored
that she made it easier to withstand the gale-force winds and blowing sand
that seemed to be focused on the spot where we spent much of the day (when
we weren't travelling back and forth to another vc site for short visits).
I even understand a little about BC judging now, since Meg did that as well.

Thanks also to the Ridecampers who answered my question about how one
prepares to be a vet recorder (have clipboard, lots of pens, sunblock,
something to drink, etc.).  There wasn't anything I needed that I didn't
have along.

Don't remember when I've been this thoroughly filthy before, but it was a
great weekend.

Can't give much is the way of stats, but Jeannie Waldron was 1st and took BC.

Cindy Eyler

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