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Re: RC: How do you stop your horse from charging out the back of the trailer ? wrote:  Caroline >>>>>>
I have an Arabian who charges out the back of the trailer. HELP!!! >>>>

Caroline,  You may need to get John Lyon's video on trailer loading.  He
is certainly more expert than I.  But you might start by teaching your horse
to lead very well and practising loading just one front foot in the trailer then
stopping and backing out, then both feet, and working up to getting into the
trailer all the way and backing out nicely. Make sure you have done every
thing possible to protect your horse - protective boots, poll protector if he
throws his head at all, no sharp edges on the trailer so he does not hurt
himself and increase his anxiety about getting out of the trailer.  I have a
big roomy stock trailer myself and I find that horses are pretty relaxed
about getting into, riding in, and departing from that nice big space, so I
do not have a lot of personal experience dealing with such anxiety.


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