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Re: RC: Re: Potty Break


I have to tell MT potty breakdown the trail story too.  It was a LONG
time ago, and my mare's first ride.  We started last(my favorite
technique with a new horse that lets me LIVE to see another day) and it
happened.  Luckily, I thought, we were dead last because there were NO
trees, only very SHORT scrubby bushes.   Oh well, my mare is fine  as 
long as no one is in sight, and it was my nerves that caused such an
early stop.

This was in the days where the only thing available was jeans, and they
had to be TIGHT,  or they slipped and rubbed.  Well,  off I was, with
TIGHT jeans  down around my feet, when(you guessed it) a rider even
LATER than me  started toward us.  My mare(delighted to see another
horse) started dragging me out towards the trail.  I had two choices: 
let her go and persrve my dignity, OR hang   on for dear life and be
pulled out onto the trail.  I am sure I did what you all would do:  hung
on for dear life and  I was pulled(hopping and clutching at my jeans),
out on the trail.  The rider(seeing my situation, refrained from falling
off his horse in laughter, and just waved and kept going.(THank God!!) 
When he was out of sight, I(of course ) Yelled some pretty bad stuff at
my mare, finally got "re-dressed" and mounted, and we left.  It was not
a pretty sight...BUT we finished the ride and that was the important
thing, as we all know...Maureen

) wrote:
> In a message dated 4/30/99 2:02:14 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
> writes:
> << One of my friends tells of riding with husband and son. It was raining, so
>  she squatted on the trail under her slicker. As she started her "job", her
>  stallion decided to stand on her foot just as a group of riders showed up
>  behind them on the trail.
>  What would YOU do in THAT situation?
>   >>
> John, please, as an experienced trail-side potty stopper I have experienced
> every form of equine "assistance" imagineable.  Your friend was lucky she had
> a slicker least when she leaped up shouting obscenities at her horse
> and pounding him on the shoulder (I speak from experience here), SHE had
> something to accommodate whatever modesty she had left.  Maybe I'll start
> riding in a long skirt, that would provide the slicker effect without the
> sweating!
> Sylvia & Harca (why'd she pound me on the shoulder?)
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