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Re: Re: Black horses

Actually, to correct things further, as a full-time resident here in the
land of the gallileeb (that's the plural), most people wear a gallibayah of
a light colour and then an abayah of black or brown, if they wear an abayah.
The women here in Egypt wear a feminine form of gallibayah (in the
countryside) that is similar to a muu-muu and often of eye-jarring
brilliance (day-glo orange or green!) and then a lighter black one over it
to go out in public.  The black one is worn if someone dies and since the
families are so huge, by the time a girl is old enough to be expected to
adopt the custom, someone is always dying.  Advantage is that if the dress
is mucky from work, the black thing is always clean...quick change!  The men
in the Gulf always wear white, almost sheer, cotton gallileeb....we have a
lot of visitors from there here in Cairo, especially in the summer.  I find
it almost hysterical that women wear modest clothing and the men....well,
sometimes it's better not to look, certainly more esthetically pleasing.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt

> Sarah,  The robes are called "gallibiyah" if they are long shirt-like
> garment, and the robe worn over the gallibiyah is called an "aba". :-)
> Stephanie McCray
> Visions of the Wind

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