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Re: Yosemite

Nancy, thanks for the good news!

> Hi, I am the executive director of Heritage Trails, we were the organization
> that bucked Yosemite's plan to eliminate horses by the year 2000. As a
> result we (after a trip to Washington DC) managed to keep the Yosemite
> Valley stables open one week before they were slated to close. Also, the
> Bridal Veil campground used to accommodate 150 horses. They have taken out
> that campground and put in 6 camps to accommodate 6 horses each.  So you
> play the lottery game and call early enough to reserve the space. You will
> never regret riding in Yosemite.

It's surprising that the Bridal Veil camp was rated for 150 horses.  That would
imply parking for 50 to 75 rigs.  There must have been whole huge sections that
were simply kept out of use that we never got to see.

In any case, we thank you profusely for your efforts to save Yosemite as a
destination for riders!  Well done!

Nat & Richard

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