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re: My CRAZY Walking Horse

 Kristi:  We have never had a barn so I don't know anything about horses
left in confined areas, but the young ones can get into mischief anywhere
they are.  We have a 3-yr old Morgan gelding that we have raised from a
weanling, and we have had our share of scrapes.  We also have a 21-year old
Morgan gelding that we do endurance on.  Our horses would rather be out and
going somewhere than stuck in a field, so I think that it holds true that a
horse would rather be out in a field than stuck in a stall. At least ours
   Have you ever volunteered at a Competitive Trail Ride or an endurance
ride?  We just started a few months ago by volunteering at a 25 mile CTR.
It was a big eye opener and we learned a lot about how people care for their
horses and what CTR was about.  "Out there", not too many people care about
what they LOOK like, ESPECIALLY the COLOR of something!... OH sorry... there
IS something..You have to check every time your horse has a PEE.  Now the
color of that is so important that it could ruin your whole day.  The wrong
shade, a little hint of pink, and whammo, you call in the rescue crew.
   A BLACK horse isn't going to stay black long on the trail.  Sweat and mud
become a status symbol out there. After the first water crossing or
sponging, ALL the horses have a grey/brown look about them.  " What color
was that horse? I don't know but he drinks and pees, so he will probably
   I hope you enjoy riding your young guy.  Maybe we will see you on the

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