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Re: RC: My CRAZY Walking Horse

In a message dated 4/29/99 5:03:53 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 

<< I know you are wondering why I don't turn this horse out. He is 
 BLACK and I want him to remain black not red..also his stall is 12' X 36' so 
 don't feel sorry for him...he is having a ball.. Any suggestions would be 
 appreciated on how to entertain him in the stall.
 Thanks for listening!! >>

Hi Kristi,  You won't like my advice, but here goes.  Turn the guy out!  
Young horses need to be out moving around and playing with their buddies.  
Especially if you want  him to be an endurance horse someday, he has to know 
how to be a horse first.  Horses weren't designed to be kept in stalls -- it 
is totally against their nature.  If you're worried about his coat, put a fly 
sheet on him when you turn him out that should protect most of him anyway.   
Good luck -- I hope you decide to let him be a horse and turn him out.

Sylvia, Harca, Star & Chance (Turned out and loving it)

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