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Re: RC: chains

The compliance with Federal Regulations is pretty much on the honor 
system. The manufacturer must SAY their product complies, but no one 
checks it unless there are compliants or accidents. I always check out 
other manufacturers ads & I've even seen BRAKES listed as an 
"option". They are also a federal reg. Trailer's over a certain size 
must have them on both axles. All horse trailers should as far as I'm 
concerned. Did you know the axles with higher weight ratings actually 
have larger brakes??  Beware of new trailers that seem too good to be 
true pricewise.  Get spec lists from several manufacturers & compare. 
Nancy Mitts
CIW Trailers 
>Teddy Lancaster wrote:
>> It is a Federal Regulation. ALL gooseneck trailers MUST have them.
>> Teddy
>Our GN didn't even come with them.  We bought it new.

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