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Blue Mountain 30 CTR

There is still space for more entries in the Blue Mountain Trot 30
Competitive Trail Ride on Sunday May 23 in Eastern PA, so come on out and
join us.  It's sponsored by the Tri-County Arabian Club and sanctioned by
ECTRA.  Just print off your entry form and ride information sheet from the
website, or reply with snail-mail address for you and your riding buddy(s).

The Blue Mountain is a good challenge for those who are
getting their teeth into longer distance riding, and yet short enough for
those wanting to work up to doing 50s because it has lots of hill work.  It
has the rock and gravel PA is known for, but also good forest jeep trails
with only a little bit of riding on pavement to and from the base.  There is
a long, gentle climb up, then it goes up and down a few hundred feet in
elevation as you go along and between the old mountain ridges between Summit
Station, Auburn, and Shartlesville.  There is one very steep, rocky,
singletrack section (near the middle of the ride where we have the VC) which
can be quite challenging.  Some of the trail is brand-new to organized
rides.  Depending on your schedule, this ride could be an
excellent ride to use for conditioning for longer rides.

There isn't a building to house a banquet anywhere nearby, but we will have
continental breakfast food, and later, hearty soups (incl. vegetarian),
rolls, and salads picnic-style.  The facility has only a tiny building,
housing a gas stove and little refrigerator, and porta-potties.  There is
horse water there, too.  If the ride fills there will be tying to trailers
only (instead of making paddocks) because of the size of the parking area at
the base, but I won't know this until the 19th or 20th.

Maybe we will be "roughing it", but we have great get-away-from-it-all
trails that are getting rare in the Eastern end of PA.  We will be using
only lime for trail markers by request of the State Game Lands, but they
have proven to stay in place even with rain, plenty long enough for a
one-day ride.  There are not many trail intersections where you might get
lost, and those few will all be well-marked.

Bridget Brickson

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