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Re: NATRC & AERC Benefits

Consider ECTRA horsemanship.  The horse is
judged on how good he looks at the end compared to the
start! I like it because it encourages me to keep myself and
my horse in good physical condition and be a "light" rider.

John and Meshack (They make you step over WHAT?) (Vermont Equestrian Activities)

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From: Linda Cowles <>
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Date: Wednesday, April 28, 1999 1:51 PM
Subject: RC: NATRC & AERC Benefits

>I was discussing this with a NATRC board member earlier this week. 
>These organizations have different cultures, and while some people enjoy
>both, NATRC won't attract significant numbers of riders from AERC unless
>more than the shoeing rule changes. The assessment-based culture of
>NATRC discourages many AERC riders.
>The legendary "judge in the bushes" is an expression of dislike for
>having "every move" watched and assessed. Horse shows are based on
>judging, many people enjoy it.  Even if you ride as a non-competitor in
>NATRC, assessment is what the sport is based on, and it takes place
>formally or informally. It's the culture, and if you enjoy that - it's
>I started endurance on a horse I couldn't control. After a few bad
>experiences, I volunteered at an NATRC ride riding Point - the front
>rider - then began attending NATRC rides regularly. I had fun and
>learned a lot. I wasn't a "NATRC rider" - I was a volunteer. I
>volunteered for over 12 years before competing, and I've only competed
>As a volunteer, I learned to pace my horse, learned a lot about safety.
>I relaxed and had fun, didn't have that manic race problem, and didn't
>have to follow rules I didn't care for. It's the best of both worlds! I
>didn't compete because I don't fit the image even though I do things
>okay by NATRC standards. There are too many rules that I don't want to
>deal with, and I rebel against the inference that the NATRC way is the
>only way. 
>I encourage people to ride NATRC to get through training or retraining
>problems, or if I think it's their sport. It's very valuable, especially
>for folks new to the sport. 
>It isn't "the answer" to "civilizing endurance"!!!  Endurance is fine
>for what it is. So is NATRC. 
>I'd like to start a new organization of endurance riders that volunteer
>on NATRC rides! ERVNR! The pace will help us train green and high strung
>horses, we can enjoy a nice ride, sift through the NATRC rules and adopt
>the ones that have value for us. If you ride "Point" you get to race
>into camp first, and if you ride Drag, the P&R people cheer when they
>see you coming...
>  Linda Cowles  
>  Gilroy CA
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Ridecamp is a service of Endurance Net,    
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