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Re: To wear or not to wear underwear

>Kristine Doucet
>I just completed the 50 mile Aprilfest north of Toronto and I am
>still finding places on my body that were rubed raw! My question
>is, what do people (women) wear for underwear and bras that don't
>rip skin off! And more importantly where do you get it? I succeeded
>in solving the horses rubbing problems, now it's my turn. HELP!

The bike racing people have a product called Body Glide to help prevent
chafing.  It looks like one of those glide-on deoderants, except it's clear.
Works great everywhere you rub and for me, lasts all day (though I've never
ridden more than a 60).  I used to get really nasty bra strap rubs (also
inside my knees and where undies rubbed) and now I don't.

Good luck,

Susan G

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