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Re: RC: tucking the butt

> << Most farriers who shoe hard-working horses seem to opt for the squared
>  hind toe/rockered front toe approach, making sure that all toes are on
>  the short side & shoes set SLIGHTLY back on the foot, feet balanced of
>  course.

> The problem is that correcting gaiting problems with shoe types is an
> aggressive approach that has its own negative side-effects. Square-toed hind
> feet tend to stop short, throwing extra force into the hocks and stifles.

If the hoof lands correctly, it's still coming down a little
heel-first.  I still prefer this to the other two I've commonly heard,
a) lowering the hind heels and b) trailers.  I've always been taught
that the square toe is first "directing" the breakover over the toe and
second just shaving off a bit of the toe to give added clearance.

> Rockered front toes are fine, but require a talented farrier to get right.
What would be your preferred approach to overreaching/forging/scalping
etc.?  I presume you would make some correction to eliminate the


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