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Re: White hairs

When I first got Dorika she was about 4 years old and a clear red copper
colour.  Now her winter coat only has a scattering of white hairs throughout
it.  The summer coat is still copper.  A lot of the Arabs here fade out
white in funny ways.  I never considered it anything but normal.
Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt

I am wondering if the appearance of these varied grey hairs is kind of
> like how grey hair appears in humans.  Some people grey first in just a
> spot on their head, others get sprinkles, others grey at the temples,
> etc.  I realize that horses (without the greying genes) don't turn grey
> with age like humans do, but maybe there's some sort of parallel?  Our
> stallion Ben Nasrif has a patch of grey hair (not solid grey, but
> getting that way over the years) that started when he was in his early
> teens (he's now 21).  It's bellyward from the girth line, left side
> only.
> I have 2 horses, not related to each other, who both have a small tuft
> of white mane hair near the withers.  One is a broodmare who's only had
> a saddle on her back maybe 5 times in her life, so I don't think it's
> follicle damage.  Anyone else?  Lif
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