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arab x s


I have been very happy with a arab/connemara cross that I bought last
year. He is coming 5, so I don't have any endurance ride results yet.
But he is very sane - I have ridden on trails, with dogs, cows etc. He
is also a lot bigger at 15.2 than his mom (arab 14.2) and his dad
(connemara 14.1) with the bone to match. 

I decided that I probably didn't want a full arab and I love connemaras.
My full connemara did well at the rides we went to - in spite of the
vets asking me at every vet check whether it was his first ride :-) I
guess that he just does not look like a typical endurance horse. The
problems that my full connemara had at endurance were heat dissipation
and not drinking. The pluses were soundness, sure footedness, and being
fairly conservative - he was not about to let me run him into the

I am not really sure about the other crosses except that I have known
some anglo-arabs that were very good athletes.Sometimes that worked for
and sometimes against their riders. I ran into them back when I was


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