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Re: RC: strangles shots

In a message dated 4/26/99 8:50:14 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 

<< Is there an archive on Ridecamp that discusses the latest in strangles 
 vaccine and its side effects, and/or, do any of the vets on Ridecamp have 
 opinions or experiences with this? >>

There probably is an archive, but so far have had really good luck with the 
new intranasal vaccine, minimal side effects, etc.  The one caution I have 
heard about it is that the horse is likely to snort and blow afterward, which 
can mist some of the vaccine onto him.  Since it is a live, modified 
bacteria, if you give OTHER injections afterward, you run the risk of having 
abcesses at the injection site from the vaccine bacteria.  So--I do advise 
strongly against following up with other injections the same day.  (If you 
must give them, do them FIRST.)


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