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[Fwd: RC: Pregnant-how long safe to race?]

This was originally sent privately, but after consideration, I decided I
wanted to share my feelings on the subject with any "prospective mom's"
on ridecamp.


Linda Flemmer wrote:
> KC wrote:
> >
> > 1.  how long through your pregnancies have you competed in endurance races safely?
> On my first pregnancy, the doctor stated that as long as I was
> comfortable mounting without assistance and felt balanced, I could
> ride.  His concern was that my center of balance would change rapidly
> after a certain point, making it very difficult to maintain my seat.
> That attitude continued until my pregnancy became hi risk.
> > 2.  Also, did you keep riding/training all the way up to the birthing date?
> No - all three of my preganacies became high risk due to non-riding
> related problems.
> >
> > Just want to get your opinions as most OB/GYNs do not know what its like to ride/train/race horses.  I figure they will most likely tell you to stop.
> You need to weigh the risks vs the benefits.  At worst you may miss 3-6
> mos of riding and hopefully have a healthy child.  All I can say is
> don't risk your babies health for "mom's hobby".  Once an accident
> happens, you can never change it.  Would you put a very young infant in
> a saddle and ride hard?  Too risky for me.  Why should risk taking be
> any different when it is your own unborn child?  Most parents say that they'd lay down their own life to protect their child.  Would you sacrifice your child for your hobby or sport?
> Honestly, if the OB were to tell me to spend 9 mos doing a head stand to improve my chances of a healthy child,
> I'd be willing to follow his advice now.
> I'm sure that you will get a variety of responses, but please consider
> the risks involved, versus missing a short time of competing and having a
> healthy son or daughter for the rest of your life!
> Linda Flemmer

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