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Re: Also getting double posts,

You will continue to receive posts until your e-mail program notifies the
server that it has received the mail. I occassionally run into that problem
when I get disconnected before the mail download is complete. At least with
Outlook Express, that notification of receipt does not take place until all
the e-mail has been downloaded. I reconnect and receive everything all over
again. I haven't had this problem since telco cleaned up my line.

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From: Lif Strand <>

>I asked one of the techs at my server if it was connected with that but
>he said no.  Says he's heard of the problem before but hasn't a clue
>what causes  it .  Until people at RC started mentioning it, I thought
>it was just some weirdness of my own computer.  I'm using Netscape - is
>anyone else who's getting doubles using another browser?  Lif
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