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Re: RC: Re: Missouri Fox Trotters

can't resist adding to this thread.
i breed and ride missouri foxtrotters, aiming toward producing endurance 
so far, have done a few 25's, then last summer rode all five days at Timberon 
on my stallion, Ransom, pictured on my website:
take a look, i have some offspring for sale, his oldest are now 2 year olds.
i agree with Truman, that the gaited breeds probably take longer to condition 
than arabs, but i feel that they have enormous potential, are usually more 
tractable than the average arab, good-minded as we say, and quite 
comfortable, and fun to ride.
i';m having a ball with Ransom who is 6 this year.  would be competing more 
if i weren't so tied down by farm chores!!!! everyone will understand that, 
i'm sure.
choose whatever breed you like, adjust your sights according to muscle type, 
as the heavier muscle types do take longer to cool/recover.
good luck!
kitty longino
ribbon ridge farm
huntsville, ar
by the way, my shift key doesn't often work, i don't prefer non-caps!

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