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My hands will do Biltmore

Hey Ya'll!!
You know who I am!  Yes, yes, it's me, good 'ol Karen Zelinsky, the
Equine Sports Massage Therapy masseuse who has fallen "in love" with you
guys and your love for your horses.  My first ride that I worked at was
the February Ocala, FLA Far Out Forest Ride and this will be my second. 
My "done" horses won 1st and 2nd in the 100, 1st iln the 50 and several
other good finishes.  

Back to Biltmore:  I hear there's going to be another masseuse there, but
there's enough horses for many of us from what I hear.  So, please let me
know if you are interested in my service - please contact me privately so
we don't interupt the incredible flaming threads of who did what with
whom, and to whom and with what motive and all that stuff!!  So many soap
operas - so little time!

Good luck to all!

Karen Zelinsky, ESMT

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