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Re: RC: Re: Phil Gardner's letter in April EN Mailbag

In a message dated 4/13/99 4:01:55 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 

<< Mike and Doyle made the same claim, but it's not correct.  There are
 excellent resources online to find out the facts about copyrights.
 One is and another is  
 To quote two revelant excerpts from the latter site:

So, now that I've quoted the entirety of your most recent post, above, I have 
violated your copyright? I don't think so. Seems to me the copyright law says 
that public "publishing" requires a copyright notice in order to enforce a 
copyright. And then, of course, Steph could not legally allow your words to 
appear in her forum without getting written permission. My quote, above, 
though, is perfectly legal.


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