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Best Sports Saddle combination?

Jose Caron
I want to equip myself and my 3 years old arabian for endurance and competitive trails. I am a novice in this discipline and I am in the process of buying a sports saddle so, I was wondering if my choice of options was good. I would really like to have some comments on the following combination.

I want to buy a 15" SS with a reiner front, 4" cantle with the cheyenne roll and strirrups move back 1/2"(is it better to have the stirrups move back1"?). I am also thinking of buying a quick cinch (biothane) to replace the felt cinch who comes with it (but is it better to use a wool cinch?). For the pad, I choose the skito pad but I don't know if it is better with the 3/4" or 1" inserts. I also choose the E-Z ride stirrups but I don't know if it would be better with the cage? What about the reins ? If I choose the biothane reins with Rubber Grips which size should I choose ( 5/8" or 3/4"). I will also buy a biothane bridle/halter and breast collar.

Did I forgot anything? Or do you have any other recommendation before I buy all those little things for me and my best buddy Metronum.

Thanks and happy trails.

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