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Re: RC: Training Question


I'd give her 6 months and try a 15 mile CTR, if you have those near you.  If 
you can do an easy, slow 25 mile LD I might try that with great caution.  In 
a year you can safely do 25/30 CTR's and LD.  In 2 yrs I'd try that 50.  I'm 
pretty cautious, I know folks have successfully done longer distances faster 
than that.  But my mare has 2600 miles and is very sound, her son has about 
800 now at not quite 6 yet (started him at 2), and is vetting out with all 
A's (will jinx myself now!).
I'd start walking, maybe light trotting, 5 mile outings a couple of times a 
week, keeping a very careful eye on the legs.  If she seems ok, pick up the 
speed, add more hills, start trotting short sections of dirt/paved road.  
Check the legs always after a ride & before going out.  For a 25 mile ride, I 
prepare by riding 25 miles a week for a few months before the ride, for a 50 
I ride at least 50 miles a week for several months.  You have the whole 
factor of getting her used to leaving home, being with other horses on trail, 
learning to take care of herself in the excitement of being with strange 
horses, etc.
My understanding is that it takes 18 months to condition ligament & tendons, 
at least 25 months to toughen bone, but only 3 months to condition muscles & 
respitory system.  Can be misleading.

Good luck, have fun!

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