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I found a Dr. Michael Colgan article on Glucosamine and this is what he
says about 'what to look for in Glucosamine Supplements':

"Avoid supplements that contain chondroitin sulfate (mentioned in the
Nutramax product below!!). The molecule of chondroitin sulfate is too
big to pass through the lining of the gut and is only effective if used
as an injection. FYI, chondroitin sulfate has a molecular weight of
50,000; glucosamine sulfate has a molecular weight of 211. Also, watch
for products that only contact n-acetyl-glucosamine (NAG) because by
itself, NAG is almost useless. It should only be taken in combination
with glucosamine sulfate. Always buy glucosamine sulfate rather than
straight glucosamine. Research indicates that sulfur is an essential
part of the molecule during tissue remodelling."

I do have a huge problem with doctors who say just buy the cheapest -
it's all the same. It most definitely is NOT all the same - there are
many differences such as bioavailability, safety, grade of raw material,
and the list goes on - not to mention if it's mixed with something to
make cells utilize it better. Quit selling health to the lowest bidder.

Kelli Hjelmeland

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