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Re: RC: Severely foundered horse


The advice to get some xrays on the bad foot is excellent.  Only in this
way can
you know what you're dealing with.

Secondly, I'd find a farrier trained in the Ovnicek technique of treating
horses.  The system of support shoes is specifically designed to assist the
laminae return to normal over a period of months.  I know,
foundered with 7 and 9 degree rotations in her front feet.  She was
returned to
soundness (LD riding soundness) only because of this system.

To find a farrier trained in this, contact the website and
inquire about a farrier in your area.

The process is spendy ($250+/-) but is only needed until the hoofwall begins
growing correctly, and the walking soundness is apparent.  In my opinion, it
is worth every penny when you have a horse worth saving.

Feel free to contact me privately if you'd like additional information.


At 02:45 PM 4/12/99 -0500, you wrote:
>    Hi all,    ""              Thanks in advance. &&  one more? 
Sue Riegel, So. Oregon
Peruvians and Keeshonden

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