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Mountainside Ride(formerly Big Bad Bally)

Hi All,

Just thought I could be of some use(for a change!)since I am still
grounded in the house.  If anyone is coming to the above ride(it's only
about one hour from me) I wanted to tell you that the weather is turning
relatively HOT(mid to high 80's) but the latest report thinks it will
cool off by the weekend.(I hope so because it will be hard on some
horses who still haven't fully shed off yet).  It is a beautiful ride,
and I have heard, not quite as hard as it was when it was the "Big Bad
Bally" which was very beautiful but fairly difficult.

The other thing I wanted to warn people about is that Fri, Sat, and Sun
The Red Bluff Round-up.  Not that I go, but the traffic can be a killer
both coming and going out of Red Bluff, Chico, and Redding with LOTS of
horse trailers also.  Friday will not be as bad(hopefully) so perhaps
you'll miss most of it.  Just drive carefully and have a great
ride!(wish I could go....)  If you need more info, please feel free to e
Mail me.


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