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Re: RC: GAS-Best deals!!!

In a message dated 4/11/99 9:56:04 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 

 1)  As you Georgians know ... the whole blasted state is cheap - I got
 gas (in Feb. and March that is) for as low as 66.9/gallon - about 30cents
 lower than other states.... at that time! >>

Karen, Karen, I am now reallly depressed!  Just paid $1.76 a gallon on the 
way home from the Lakeside Classic.  We've all been discussing the virtues of 
the turbo charged ford versus the steroidal chevy.   How about a pumped up 
volkswagen to tow our trailers with????  You guys in the South should count 
your blessings!  I don't think we've seen below a $1.00 a gallon since the 

Sylvia & Harca (do you think a VW will pull me?)

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