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trailer doors

Hi Deb,

I had a trailer similar to the one you described.  While it was closed up
and moving down the road, no problem even in very hot weather (would you
believe over 110+) as the vent system was designed to move the air in a
circular motion from top of trailer to bottom and back again.  Now when I
stopped for any reason, gas - food- etc. I openned the top doors and often
the hay doors as well.  My friend  did not have top doors & would travel in
the same conditions.  Her horses would sweat from the flanks or wherever
the bottom doors stopped, down while my horses would be dry.  With no
doors, the air came in through the roof vents and right out the back of the
trailer over the tops of the horses backs, that's it.  Might test this out
on your trailer.

West Region

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