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Thanks again to all who suggested Chondroitin
Sulfates and Glycosamin (also MSM) for my
Springer. I have not been able to get back to my
Vet, but in addition to a six-week series of Adequan
shots, he has me giving her GLYCO-FLEX (600mg
three time a day).

The label says:
Perna Canaliculus Mussel  600mg
Brewer's Yeast                     200mg
Alfalfa                                    200mg

Does anyone know the chemistry of this? Does
it include the CS and GAGs?

I give my horse Vita-Flex Max which I KNOW
is almost pure Chrondroitin Sulfate. It also gives
dosage for canines.

I have great confidence in my Vet but can't
leave anything to chance.

Thanks again!!

John and Jenny

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