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Memory Ride '99 - need help and riders

A cross country relay ride is being planned for this summer to raise public awareness of horse slaughter for human consumption and in memory of the 72,120 horses slaughtered in the US in 1998.  The ride will begin in California, home of Prop 6, and end at one of the worst killer buyer auctions in the country, New Holland  in Pennsylvania.  The route will follow I-40 to where it connects to Route 70.  We need people in several states to organize their state's ride, and of course we need tons of riders.  We're not making this an Endurance Race, and riders will be limited as to how far or how long they can ride so we don't need vet checks and other things to worry about.  The relay baton we're hoping will be a declaration of sorts against the business of slaughtering horses for their meat, and we're hoping to have that signed by 72,120 people, one name for each horse slaughtered last year in the US.  If any of you Endurance riders would like to ride or help organize for your state, there is a message board set up where we can all meet and gather info and exchange ideas.   The state's we need people to organize right now are:
New Mexico
Northern corner of Texas
The Memory Ride '99 message board is at:

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