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RC: an open letter......

You're right TW are wonderful horses.  To bad they have to endure such
agony.  I agree about the Trail Blazer article, I could hardly keep my
mouth shut while reading.  Does he actually believe a horse moves naturally
like that?  Trained or not, there's no way a horse gets that low on his
hocks, that high in the front, by natrual methods.  I grew up in a 'show'
barn, and the things I saw there would break your heart.  I can't even
attend the local horse show fairs and watch these poor animals perform.

Haven't ridden a TW for a long, long time, but they can be great horses on
the trail if given the chance to be what they were originally bred for. 
Shows have ruined many a breed, and I doubt it will ever stop.
Jan - all Arabs and one Paint

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