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just lazy?

Hi fellow ridecampers, hope you can give me some hints.
I have a 4 year old Arab mare who is dragging her feet, all 4 of them. She
is picture of good health and has the sweetest disposition. My husband says
she really is no AYYY-RAB at all. 
We started riding her last summer, but she really hasn't done much
"schooling" or arena work. She is my spare horse and I have been
concentrating on conditioning my gelding. I have some more time now and
want to start working her a little more, and maybe take her to a novice
ride or two by this fall. 
When she walks, she drags all off her feet, and she wears the toes off
pretty quick. I have to keep shoes on her in the front or she wears them
down to nothing. At a trot it is a lot better, she has a great stride and
seems to be picking up her feet much better. After searching through the
archives I saw a lot of posts that recommend EPM testing, but I would
really doubt that she has EPM. I think she is just really layed back and at
times seems to be day dreaming. She has always been this way.
So what am I looking at here? Would cavaletti work help? I am also thinking
of taking some lessons with from a riding instructor. What are your

Thanks for your help
Jutta Schmidt        (is it true that they "come alive" when they're five?)

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