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Thanks to over a score of Ridecampers who took
time to answer my query and commiserate about
my Springer Spaniel's problem with degenerative

I have always appreciated the equine help and friends
I've made on Ridecamp, but your compassion and support
for Jenny and me means more than I can put into words.

I also been in contact with three vets and
we are starting a program tomorrow.

She'll get shots for six weeks (FLEXEQUINN) (like
Adequan that my horse got for his tendon injury),
Pet-Flex (Chrondroitin Sulfate), and Rimadyl (NSAID like
Advil).  For bad days she gets Dexamethasone
(which is good but has long term adverse side

Has anyone tried to equip their dog with rear wheels?
(Since Monday I did not think I could ever joke again).
But I AM seriously looking into gal told
me how tragic it was to have the rear give out when the
front and spirit are so strong.

We love ya all! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

John and Jenny

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