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Leatherwood Challenge results

Abbie Smith
Hello out there Leatherwood Challenge survivors!  What a wonderful weekend we had!  I look forward to seeing you all again next time.  I had no idea managing a ride would be so challenging or rewarding.  You people were get!  I hope our little hills didn't get the best of anyone.  (I chose the easy trails! :) )
Thanks to all those who helped in any way to make this a success.  Joan & Phil Rash and I knew that you folks would LOVE Leatherwood once you saw it!

Here are the top 10 finisher in the 25
1. Sharron Stoll & Zcoty 3h 50m
2. Kim Lofton & Lundee  3h 50m
4. Liz Sine & NanDakar's Answer 3h 50m
5. Charlotte Ladevig & Matchless 4h 1m
6  Carol Bracewell & Fear Laddin 4h 01m
7. Taylor McRae & Genesis  4h 7m  JUNIOR
8. Karyn Becerra & Wynbrook  4h 8m
9. Sharon McDonald Groh & Calypso Jack 4h 13m
10 Beverly Deverux & Bones 4h 13m

BC for the 25 was Charlotte Ladevig & Matchless 713 points

Top 10 in the 50:
1. Ruth Sturley & River Dancer  6h 14m
2. Mark Elliot & Use your Illusion 6h 14m
3. Beckey Elliot & Roy 6h 14m
4. Marrion Brewer & That Boy 6h 59m
5. Joan Rash & Mesha Bay Moniet 6h 59m
6. Patsy Gowan & Thundaar 7h 33m
7. Jenny Edgell & Red  7h 36m
8. Nina Gibson & St. Patrick Z 7h 36m
9. Claude Brewer & Nickalas Scamper  7h 41m
10 Jesse Jarret & Cricket 7h 41m  JUNIOR

BC for the 50 was Mark Elliot & Use your Illusion  678.5 points

Sorry it took me so long to get these results posted but I took a few days off after this weekend to chill out!  Please tell your friends about Leatherwood and come back and see us soon!!!
      Abbie Smith

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