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leasing horses

Hi all.....I am in the process of training two young horses for endurance but 
don't have a horse to take to rides yet.  Right now, I can't buy a horse but 
I am pondering the idea of leasing a horse for the year ( I know, I will 
become attached and want to buy but that is another subject!!!).  I want a 
horse that is a seasoned athlete and that can help show me the ropes (this 
reads....I want to finish...not race or win or anything of that nature!)  

My first question is, does anyone know of someone that would like to lease 
out their horse (that is preferably in the SW)?  I noticed in Endurance News 
that Ochoco Mt. Ranch (Oregon) has lease horses....has anyone dealt with 
their horses??

My second question is, am I taking a big risk leasing?  I have read the 
archives on leasing and have gotten some ideas, just wondering if this has 
become a bad option?

If anyone does have a seasoned Endurance horse for lease please contact me.  
I live in the mountains (Flagstaff, AZ) and my horses live outside and are 
well taken care of (worming, shots, shoes, etc.....)  I was also big into 
Dressage so I feel I have good basics.

Thanks for your time, I greatly appreciate it.

Johnna Robb & MC (Team Slug) & Lilium (Mr. Personality)

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